I haven't completely forgotten about this site, but I have been really busy and haven't been able to finish my doll suspenders yet.... the biggest problem is finding a clip small enough for a doll (too hook them onto pants). 

I do have a few other pictures that I can post though... and hopefully in a few more weeks I will have finished the suspenders. 
Recently we made some tutus for my dolls.  I think they came out really well.

y mom learned how to make the tutu from aheartfulloflove.com, but then we just cut them shorter.  I think it came out really cute.

Rachel also has a new headband made from a doll headband form from Punch Place Plus and ducktape.  On a website my mom found, the headbands were decorated with fabric not duck tape.  I will do a "How to" in the near future.  I also have a request how to make the scarf that Marisol is wearing in this photo as well... I will try to do those two posts before the summer!

Have a great week or two (no more than that hopefully)!!

Here is a different type of duck tape purse for your doll.  It's a "hipster" type purse, so it's flat, and doesn't require a box to make.  I think I might show a "tutorial" next weekend on how to make it.  The strap is, unfortunately, too short to go over your doll's head (but you can fix that problem by just making a longer strap).  I think it turned out really well.
I hope you all have a great week this week!  It feels so great to be back blogging!
Once again, I've missed my one week goal, but you have to admit that I have been doing much better than I have been!  I used this book (again) to make a duck tape purse for my doll.  In the book, you use a box for your "mold."  (You get this box back after you have finished your form).  I followed the instructions in the book, but a box from a deck of cards.  I think the purses came out really great!

If you use a bigger box, you can make a purse for you.  My mom is in the process of making one for herself (it'll be a lunch box), and it looks like the one on the cover of the book!  I can't wait to be able to show more duck tape crafts soon!

These are the purses I made!  Nicki modeled a few that went with her dress, and would like to know which one you think goes best!  Leave your comments below!
As always if you make a duck tape purse for you or your doll (using any pattern you find), I would love to see pictures, and will be happy to post them for you!!

I should have another post this weekend (since I have a long weekend)!!
I know I didn't quite make my weekend goal, but I have time tonight, as all of my homework is finished, and now we areRecently, I made a few more duck tape crafts for my dolls.  I made a hair bow.  I cut about 2" of duck tape for the doll's bow (and used about 6" for a human bow).  The directions on the Duck Tape website aren't very specific about how much tape to use. 

I also made a bracelet.  The directions for this bracelet came out of the same book that I got the necklace out of.  I just followed the directions at the end... but I did still fold the tops of the duck tape like you do for a Duck Tape Rose.
You can also make a duck tape bows for mini-dolls.  I cut about 1 1/3" of duck tape for these, and then when I was finished, I cut some off the ends because it was too big for the mini-doll (and it's really hard to work with a really small amount of tape).
If you make any duck tape crafts, please email me a picture and I will definitely post it!  I'm so happy to have found a new hobby. ;)
I got duck tape, and two new books from Hobby Lobby today and decided to make a Petal Bracelet for me.  After I was done, I modified the instructions a little bit and made a Petal Necklace for my dolls.  (I also folded the corners to meet half way, versus the way the book shows you... like the way you do for a duck-tape rose). 

This is the book I used to make the bracelets.  The instructions are on page 32. 

I had to modify the instructions a bit.  I mead two rows and bent them in opposite directions, and then I used duck tape on the back of two of them to meet them in the middle.

I also taped string on the  back too.  Now you just tie it in the back. 
I really do enjoy blogging (again)!!  I am thinking of doing another craft for next weekend.  Can't wait to share it with you once it's finished. :-)  If you try this craft, please send me a picture agpixplace@gmail.com. 
Well, so far, so good.  I've kept up with posting.  I just hope I can continue this through out the semester.  I am doing my Girl Scout Gold Award this year, and so I got an extra doll school desk, and the classroom scene.  I wasn't real thrilled with the "scenes" over all, because I enjoy making my own scenes, but it really did make this photo shoot easier.  I guess I've written a little "review" below, but if you get it, and use it, I would love to see photos.
JJ, Pita (Karito Kids*), and Marisol (2005).
*It appears as though Karito Kids has gone out of business.  The Karito Kids website address isn't active.  These dolls were really nicely made, and I was disappointed when I learned that the company was no longer in business.
Here is the scene itself.  I don't like that the door is shorter than dolls just three inches taller than American Girl dolls because if this is supposed to be an elementary school room (which it looks like it would be), then the teachers would be at least three inches taller than the students. 

As I've said before, these posts won't be big, but it feels good to be back blogging.  Please remember that I have to approve your comments before they are posted, but this should take 48 hours or less.
Since today was supposed to be my last day of winter break (we have a snow day tomorrow because of windchill and Winter Storm Ion), my mom made pancakes for breakfast.  She made 11 doll sized pancakes with some of the pancake batter for some of my dolls to enjoy. :-)
Nicki brings the pancakes she cooked to the table for her breakfast with Holly and Rachel.

Here are the doll-sized pancakes on a plate.  The forks are Mozaic brand forks (and the white plates too).  They are sold at Kroger, but are probably sold at party stores (they're for appetizers).  This company also sells little square bowls, spoons and knives.  These are are a little big for the dolls, but they're close enough.  My mom made the pink plate and pitcher at the "paint your own pottery" place uptown.  It was part of a miniature tea set.

While I'm at it, here's a much better picture of Holly than the original picture I posted.  :-) 
Hope everyone has a great week!!

Unfortunately, I have gone once again almost a whole six months without posting.  School has kept me busy, and on school vacations, I just want to sit back and do absolutely nothing! 

School starts in just another week, but I am making a point to post once over this break.  I would like to take the opportunity to announce that I have gotten a new addition to my doll family.  My mom and I have wanted this doll for a while, and so we decided to name her Holly.   

While I was looking through emails for agpixplace@gmail.com, I found a bunch from Weebly telling me I had comments.  I checked out the comments, and they were almost all spam, or they looked like spam.  If your comment got marked as spam, and it wasn't, I apologize.  I have reset the settings on all the "blog" pages, including Ideas for Lily and the Guest Book, so that I have to approve comments before they will be posted.  I hope this will help fix the problem, but it will mean that you don't see your comment when you post it. 

I took this picture last spring, but my internet would not cooperate with me, and so I was unable to post it.  I just found it tonight.  Rachel really likes this outfit because it's comfy, and it fits her really well (the older dolls are a little bigger than the newer dolls, so the newer clothing usually fits kind of tightly).  You will see her in this outfit in some of the future posts on this website.  I am determined to be more active in the "doll world" in 2014. 
Happy New Year!  Here's to a happy, healthy, and fun 2014.
PS: You might find a post here tomorrow if you come back!

Ok- I have been really bad at sharing anything on here.  I have gotten a Facebook and twitter for my closest family and friends, and so now, I'm never on here.  I got an iPad for my birthday and what do I take pictures of, my cat!  I know, I could take pictures for the site, and then post them very easily!  Ok, enough excuses.  My summer's been going really well, and I will say it, I've just ignored the site!  I'll try to get a post together before the end of the month!

The photo above was taken in June, the same day as the post from the 18th.
Have a good summer!